Our Mission

Our company mission is to provide high-quality, low-cost, self-study continuing professional education (CPE) for tax professionals that is convenient and serves as sound reference material for your practice.

Benefits of Completing Your CPE with CPElite,TM Inc.

Accreditations:  Our programs are approved by the IRS for EAs, NASBA, and registered with Texas State Board of Public Accountancy for Texas CPAs.


Experience: Over twenty-five (25) years as a continuing professional education provider for Enrolled Agents, and CPAs.

Knowledge: Our authors have widespread experience in taxation and have been writing CPE materials for many years.

Customer Service: Our associates are among the most professional, courteous, and dedicated in the CPE business and will work hard to serve your needs.

Price: One of the lowest cost continuing education providers—as low as $ $2.43 per CPE hour! Choose from our EA Packages, CPA Packages, Unlimited Package, or Other CE Options. Plus, our self-study material saves travel time and expense.

IRS Reporting:  We will electronically report your hours to the IRS for you if a PTIN is provided.

Timely Tax Information: We offer quarterly continuing professional education newsletters on current developments in tax from Congress, IRS, Courts, and the Treasury. Click CPE Newsletters for more details.

Ethics CPE: We offer an annual 2-hour CPE newsletter which satisfies the ethics requirement for Enrolled Agents and is included with the EA Packages. Click on Ethics for more details.

Course Offerings: We offer 64 hours of detailed analysis in our CPE courses and the TAX SAVERS in our courses will enhance your practice. Click CPE Courses for more details.

Accessible Materials: Our continuing professional education materials are available immediately here at our website, (Click CPE Newsletters or CPE Courses), or by download, email, or mail.

Immediate Results: You may take the CPE tests online through our integrated Online Testing system and print your certificate of completion and solutions immediately.

Convenience: Read our continuing professional education materials as time permits and take your CPE test on-line or at home when ready.

Special Promotions: Click Special Promotions for more information!

Complaint Resolution: CPElite is dedicated to providing you the highest quality CPE courses and service. In order to achieve this goal CPElite has implemented a complaint resolution policy to resolve any issues or concerns.

Any complaint should include your name and contact information as well as a detailed description of the complaint and any action you would like us to take to resolve your complaint.  All complaints will be reviewed by our Director Vanessa Camp. Vanessa can be reached directly via email at cpeliteinc@gmail.com

You can communicate your complaint by phone, fax, email or traditional mail.

Email: cpeliteinc@aol.com
Phone Number: 803-749-4012
Fax Number: 803-749-4012
Mailing address: P O Box 721
 White Rock SC 29177