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“Thank you.  It was a very pleasant surprise to have such a quick reply.” ~Claudia

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-  All courses (including Enrolled Agent Ethical Standards: Practices & Procedures course) will be delivered electronically (pdf) only

-  A shipping/handling charge will be added for mailed Elite Quarterly Newsletters

- Please note that you must include payment of S/H to continue to receive the Newsletters by mail, otherwise you will receive a pdf file.

-  All manually submitted quizzes will receive certificates of completion by email

-  We will need an email address on file for you for processing and record keeping purposes



Beginning March, 2018

Important - New Contact Information!

Please submit all future inquiries & correspondence to:

Address:  P O Box 571, Chapin, SC, 29036-0571

Phone 1-877-580-7169

Fax 1-877-796-0471

Email -

All quiz answer sheets and payments should be sent to this address as well.