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2019 Packages

All our materials are approved by the Return Preparer Office.

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2019 Unlimited CPE - 66 HRS

2019 EA Package - 24 hrs

2019 Annual Subscription - 18 hrs

Other CPE Options-

Individual newsletters 4 hrs each and 2 hour Ethics

All of our materials are approved by the Return Preparer Office.

The Elite Quarterly, per issue, no subscription

CPE COURSE OFFERINGS - PDF files with online testing

Courses from 2 - 6 hrs each-updated annually

Affordable Care Act - Employer Mandate - 3 HRS
Earned Income Tax Credit - 3 HRS
2019/2018 Easy Update & Inflation Adjustments - 6 HRS
Corporate Taxation - 2 HRS
Partnership Taxation - 2 HRS
S Corporations - 3 HRS
Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Summary - 4 HRS
Selected Business Expenses - 2 HRS
Passive Loss and at Risk Rules - 2 HRS
Getting Cash out of your Business - 2 HRS
Entities and Title - 2 HRS
Education Tax Benefits - 2 HRS
Divorce Transfers and Settlements - 2 HRS
Business Travel and Entertainment - 2 HRS
Assets Income and Cash - 2 HRS
Retirement Plans Pensions Annuities - 3 HRS
Home Office Deductions - 3 HRS
Affordable Care Act - Individual Provisions - 2 HRS